A Jeep Safari and a Jain Temple in Ranakpur

Instead of spending another night in Pushkar and then heading directly to Udaipur, we changed our plans last minute to include some time in the quiet village of Ranakpur. We stayed in a resort on the outskirts of town, with long views of green trees and fields in every direction. It was exactly the peaceful countryside we had been hoping for.

One of the few tourist activities in the area are the Jeep safaris that guide visitors through a local park, known for being home to leopards. We set off early in the evening and drove around until the sun set, spotting one leopard far in the distance – just visible using binoculars.

Jeep Safari

Hard to spot!

Jain Temple

The main draw, however, is Ranakpur’s 15th century Jain temple. This expansive marble temple is made up of hundreds of domes and over 1,000 intricately carved columns, each one unique. It was possibly the most impressive structure we visited in India – and set in the middle of some beautiful countryside.

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