Phuket resort life

Leaving India after a whirlwind two weeks spent in 8 cities, and with over 45 hours total driving time, we were feeling grateful for the chance to see so much, but also thoroughly exhausted.

We had been debating whether to stop in Vietnam or Cambodia between India and the wedding we were attending in Hong Kong, but after an Airbnb host in Istanbul raved about Phuket, we added that to our list of potentials.

Covered in dust and sweat, and sick of packing and unpacking every other night, a few days before leaving India, we agreed that what we really wanted was one week in one place – without excursions or timelines or connecting flights. And so we booked a 5 star resort near the beach in Thailand.

Flying in as the sun rose above the islands, I knew we had made the right choice.

The resort, Mövenpick Myth Hotel in Patong, was stunning. The air smelled like flowers, every surface shone, and the pool was everything you could ask for: long and winding, with a swim up bar and a surrounding lounge area. The complementary breakfast was decadent, with chefs preparing eggs Benedict and omelettes to order, or traditional Thai breakfasts. Everything about staying there was truly luxurious.

Can’t go to a beach resort without a few over the top tropical cocktails!

One of the best parts of staying in this hotel, was it’s location a five minute walk from the ocean. Every day, I would wander to the beach, swim in the unbelievably warm water (warmer than our comfortable pool), and try out some of the delicious street food.

Banana honey pancake and a fresh coconut smoothie!
Found a beach buddy

The town itself was low key, clearing built around tourism, and had a few pleasantly cheesy bars:

Arguably the best part of a stay in Thailand, though, is the food. It may have been my favorite cuisine of our entire 3 month trip!